Museum Quality Oil Painting by Studio Frangiolli


Welcome to Studio Frangiolli!

Painting is our passion and all our life! All our artists are talented professional painters from Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Holland. Most of them began their career as restorers working for the top European art museums.

In some of our art works we use old traditional multi-layer painting technique – that is more time-consuming and requires a much more skillful approach. As a result, the quality of our art works is exceptional.

We put Heart and Soul in each our art work!

Among thousands of our satisfied customers are members of The Royal Family of Belgium, top ranked offices in the USA and Europe including offices of some Fortune 500 companies, luxury hotels across the world as well as designers and real estate developers.

Please spend several minutes to look at time lapse videos of our works.

We can make similar video when painting, say, YOUR PORTRAIT.

Hand-made and hand painted art frames!

Unique classic framing for your painting – hand painted art frames that reflect the subject of the painting.

This is the traditional way in which European portraits of XVII-XIX centuries were framed.

Say, if you want to present a portrait to a doctor, we can make the frame that is painted with general medicine symbols or other person’s specific items. 

Our masters use only real solid oak wood, stucco work, metal, silver and gold leaf to make a hand painted frame of your design. Just as people did centuries ago!


Picturesque House. Home decoration by Studio Frangiolli.

These are rooms where EACH square inch of the walls and ceilings is hand painted by oil paints on a natural art canvas. 

The subjects of  the paintings in Picturesque Rooms are based on original works of great painters. These works took centuries of study and energy to have the artists ideas transferred to the houses of millions of people.

Approaches such as these serve as an overall objective: they transfer to you a positive psychological charge full of ENERGY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and WEALTH which is physically felt in the Picturesque Room.

 The picturesque House is complete with a total absence of synthetics. Paintings and works which come alive create sensations of refined cosiness in combination with luxury and comfort.

Artists of Studio Frangiolli in workshops paint canvas, which are then glued on a wall and covered by a special protective matte varnish. The joints of the canvases are then concealed in order to give the art the integrity of a picturesque painting which can be fitted in a room of any size.


Some of Our Ready-to-Sell Paintings

Original art work. Galina Uljanova.
Eternal beauty of flowers. 2011.
Oil on canvas. 32.7″ x 46.9″or  83 x 119 cm.
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Original art work. Galina Uljanova.
Eternal beauty of horses. 2014.
Oil on canvas. 32.7″ x 46.9″ or 83 x 119 cm.
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A. Galchanskaja by Louis Icart.
Music Hour. 2005.
Oil on Canvas. 41.3″ x 31.5″ or  105 x 80 cm.
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Original Artwork. Lana Frangiolli.
Blessing, 2011.
Oil on canvas.  32.7″ x 57.5″ or 83 x 146 cm.
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Original Artwork. Galina Uljanova.
Sun King Louis XIV of France in Versailles, 2016.
Oil on canvas. 31.5″ x 47.3″ or 80 x 120 cm.
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Original Artwork. Lana Frangiolli.
Darling, 2013.
Oil on canvas. 32.7″ x  44.8″ or 83 x 114 cm.
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Original Artwork. Anastasia Galchanska.
Music Bouquet. Still life. 2006.
Oil on canvas. 20.9″ x 31.5″ or 53 x 80 cm.
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Lana Frangiolli by Beltran Masses.
Dawn, 2011.
Oil on canvas. 41.3″ x 41.1″ or 105 x 104.5 cm.
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Lana Frangiolli by Louis Icart.
Coursing II, 2011.
Oil on canvas. 41.3″ x 25.2″ or 105 x 64 cm.
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Original Artwork. Galina Uljanova.
Purple flamingo among purple trees, 2007.
Oil on canvas. 31.5″ x 37.4″ or 80 x 95 cm.
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Anastasia Galchanska by unknown artist.
Saint George and the Dragon, 2003.
Oil on canvas. 20.9″ x 16.1″ or 53 x 41 cm.
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Lana Frangiolli by Louis Icart.
Swans, 2012.
Oil on canvas. 35.0″ x 41.3″ or 89 x 105 cm
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